Slot Game Overview: Icarus Wilds

Swedish studio STHLMGAMING has released their latest slot, Icarus Wilds, which runs on the Silverbullet platform from Relax Gaming. STHLM stands for Stockholm; hence, Stockholm Gaming, in case you were wondering. Icarus, the ancient Greek who flew too close to the sun and lost his wings, is the slot’s main attraction. The dangers of overconfidence and excessive ambition are implied in the moral. Those who are familiar with STHMLGAMING’s prior works may recognize some similarities between Icarus Wilds and those titles. The key reason is that many of their games feature the same male lead, Ricky Riches. Therefore, Icarus is the John Travolta lookalike from Casino on the House, albeit with a new hairstyle and some wings for a Greek mythology-themed slot machine.

Icarus Wilds’s base game is a 5×3 grid, the standard for STHLMGAMING’s games. The background shows the brilliant blue water from a tremendous height, probably what Icarus saw right before he crashed into the Mediterranean. To the right lies the famed labyrinth from the legend which looks like a multi-tiered Minas Tirith. The music is inspiring, and the visuals are fine, but the whole effect is simplistic and unremarkable.

The minimum bet to play the Hellenic action is 25 percent, and the maximum is $/€50 every spin. Icarus Wilds has a respectable RTP of 96.54% and a model with medium to high volatility. Sessions could be a genuine test of patience and endurance owing to the way the features work, so don’t expect the game to do anything to keep you buoyant while spinning for large prizes. However, it does have a few key components that usually lead to major successes. Value of its symbols is one such aspect. 10-A royals, with their slanted Greek type, make up the low payouts and won’t get you very far. Tools, a pot, wings, a golden wreath, and one of those plumed hoplite helmets are among the high payouts. A line of five wreaths is worth 100 times the wager, and a line of five helms is worth 200 times the wager. The game features 243 win ways throughout the main game to land combos of at least three of a kind which means you won’t have to keep track of any fixed paylines.

Slot Machine Features – Icarus Wilds

The term “wilds” is used to describe the majority of the features. They control everything, even the bonus round. Flying Wilds are available in three different flavors: nudging, locked, and multiplier. When a wild appears on reels 2, 3, 4, or 5, it can replace any other paying symbol.

When Nudging Wilds land, they are moved up a row with each spin. For instance, a player’s stay is extended by three spins if they land in the bottom row, but is cut short to only one if they fall in the top row. Similar to Nudging Wilds, Multiplier Wilds increase your wins by 2, 3, or 4 times the normal amount. Meanwhile, Locked Wilds have a number in the top right corner and function exactly as their name implies. Their accompanying numbers, 2–4, indicate the number of spins during which they were stationary before ascending like Nudging Wilds. If you accidentally knock a wild off the top row, it will plummet to the bottom of the reels, just like Icarus did.

The gold coin scatter symbol is the key to unlocking the Icarus Free Spins bonus in Icarus Wilds; it can appear anywhere, and all it takes is three of them to start the extra round. The number of possible combinations of winning symbols increases from 243 to 1,024 as the game progresses. There is no predetermined amount of bonus turns. Instead, the bonus round will continue to play out as long as there is at least one wild symbol on the reels, thanks to the appearance of a Flying Wild on the bottom row.

The Verdict on the Icarus Wilds Slot

Icarus Wilds is a fun and rewarding slot game. When your bankroll is growing and you’re winning, it’s easier to enjoy the game. It’s true that all games have their flaws, but some are more noticeable than others. Even though there are a lot of wilds, it may seem like nothing is happening, which can dampen your spirits. The long intervals of waiting for high value symbols to appear are frustrating in Icarus because of how heavily the game relies on them.

The lack of a guaranteed quantity of free spins adds an element of chance that can either help or hurt your gameplay. The most disappointing aspect of testing was a group of five that all passed but failed to win. Surprisingly turning the session’s fortunes around and putting us in the black was a group of 23 that had some great lines of headgear. The games will be extremely tense and back and forth.

That makes sense when you consider that Icarus Wild is STHLMGAMING’s highest paid game to date. There are a few slots with potential in their library, but Icarus Wilds tops them all with payouts of up to 16,864 times the wager. Keep in mind that this payout showed up after many billions of virtual spins, thus it requires features to be working at full capacity to obtain. Big payoffs are excellent to know about, though. Without them, the game loses a lot of its attraction, at least to the most dedicated players.

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