King’s Purchase of Decentraland’s Entertainment Sector

The massive Canadian entertainment company Kings Entertainment reportedly has a keen interest in the gambling opportunities presented by the metaverse. The company is on the lookout for what it calls “the next frontier of online gaming” and thinks it might be able to find what it’s searching for in the digital sphere.

Kings Entertainment has joined forces with a digital asset investment consulting business in order to better understand the burgeoning Web3 sector and make an effective entrance into it.

Kings is now in talks to acquire the Vegas City area of the under-construction 3D browser metaverse Decentraland. The company’s goal is to usher in a new era of online casino gaming by staking a claim in the metaverse.



Competition in the metaverse is expected to be tough, and Kings isn’t the first corporation to have noticed its potential. Many other major operators are interested in the metaverse version of Las Vegas because of its fame and relationship with gaming. One of the largest regions on the 3D platform, Vegas City in Decentraland offers several opportunities for bookmakers looking to grow their businesses into the metaverse.


Decentraland is the most talked about platform in the field of Web3-powered metaverses. Decentraland’s virtual real estate market is based on NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, which give each piece of (metaverse) land a unique identify. Since land in Decentraland cannot be sold or given away, the owner of a plot in the virtual world keeps it as long as they hold the corresponding token.


The Next Generation Casino

CEO of Kings Entertainment Steve Budin discussed the company’s dedication to developing new technologies. Budin made this comment to stress how Kings Entertainment is always seeking to improve upon its core offerings and provide its customers something they can’t get anywhere else: the ultimate online casino and betting experience.


When most bets were still being placed over the phone, Kings Entertainment was one of the first gaming businesses to launch products on the Internet. According to Budin, the next step for the company’s innovation is to pave a similar path in the metaverse.

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